Miss Cherokee monthly report for January 2018

by Mar 9, 2018COMMUNITY sgadugi





Miss Cherokee 2017-18 Faith Long (Photo courtesy of Miss Cherokee Royalty Board)

This January has been one for the books. I started my fourth semester at Carson-Newman University, and I have been preparing for my upcoming travel with my board. I started the year out sick, but I was surrounded by my family and friends. My dad cooked a great New Year’s dinner, which my siblings and I enjoyed.  They made sure that I had leftovers to take back to college.

This month has been relatively uneventful as far as traveling back and forth from college to school. I was able to focus on homework and get back into the rhythm of things before heading to USET in Washington, DC. That was my first big trip, and I was so excited to attend.

Before traveling, I began working on a 10-page research paper. The scary thing about it was it had to be single-spaced.   I finished it and made an A, thank goodness for that.

As I continue on to another month, I want to stress the importance of community and self-love. Working to better yourself in turn betters the community. Take time for yourself. Read a book, walk a mile, or eat a ton of your favorite junk food. Self-love is important, and I definitely had a lot of junk food after that essay. Continue working for a better community with me this next month.


I would like to thank my board for their continued support and thank you to my family and the community for giving me the opportunities that I have been given.

If you would like to request Miss Cherokee please do so through emailing ebcimisscherokee@gmail.com