Realty Notices

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The BIA Realty notices and listings shown here are the same ones appearing weekly in the printed One Feather.  They will be updated each week as the paper comes out.

(Updated for Week of April 27 – May 3, 2017)

Birdtown Community
The following is a list of tribal members that have documents to sign in the Tribal Realty Services Office. These are land transfers from both Tribal Members and the Eastern Band by Resolutions
Angie Christine Owle Swayney, Ardina Bobbie Walkingstick, Benjamin Dean Stamper, Bernard David Wilnoty, Bobbi Lynn Smith, Calvin Lossie, Christopher Dean Dugan, Curtis Lee Wildcatt, Dana Dee Nelson, David Eugene McCoy, David Lawrence Jay Huskey, Dennis Brandon Shuler, Donald Allan Brady, Doris Alyne Long Stamper, Edith Pauline Cooper Fisher, Elsie Addiline Wolfe Rattler, Eugene Thompson, Everett Reagan, Frank William Bradley, Jr., Franklin Terry Taylor, Frieda Louise Otter Jenkins, Gail Lynn Crisp Dehart, Harry Taylor, Jamaca Roxanne Murphy, Joseph Curtis McCoy, Kandace Rhean Griffin, Kathleen Wildcat, Kevin Edward Nations, Kristy Ann Nations, Lauren Christian Goings, Leigh Ann Owle, Leslie Lee Taylor, Luther George Goings, Lydia Louise Taylor Goings, Margaret Ethel McCoy Crowe, Michael Jaymond Nelson, Michele Annette Mathis Wilnoty, Ned Edward Stamper, Jr., Ned Julius Taylor, Patricia Ann Lambert, Philip Sampson Armachain, Phillip Charles Pheasant, Ray Anthony McCoy, Reena Lashanda Murphy, Reggie Scott Stanberry, Richard Thomas McCoy, Ruth Marie Sequoyah McCoy, Sarah Allen Ben, Sarah Rosalie Cabe Lewis, Stephanie Dale Wildcat, Theresa Tahquette, Timothy Ray Taylor, Tyler Simeon Taylor, Victoria Ann Frankiewicz, William Cain Locust, William Lawson Smith, William Preston Roach, William Thomas Thompson, Zachariah Lightening Rattler, Zachary Alexander Smith, Parent or Guardian of Anna Grace Cabe, Parent or Guardian of Eli Timothy McCoy

Agreement to Divisions
Mary Edith Reed Smith, Dennis Ray James, Frankie Nelle James Patencio, George Milton James, Doris Earlene Lambert, Eric Thomas Lambert, James Dwayne Lambert, Carla Marie Sneed Ballew, Howard Vincent Sneed, Patricia Eldean Sneed Lambert, Mary Louise Sneed Welch, Rena Janet Johnson Wachacha, Jackie Lee Johnson
If you’ve submitted a survey application that is over a year old and the survey is not complete, please visit the Tribal Realty Office to update your survey application.

Proposed Land Transfers
Jamaca Roxanne Murphy to William Cain Locust for Birdtown Community Parcel No. 846-VA (Part of Parcel No. 846-V), containing 0.855 acres, more or less.

Thunder Bradley to Frank Joseph Taylor, Jr., for Painttown Community Parcel No. 492-A (Part of Parcel No. 492), containing 1.003 acres, more or less.

Mary Kathleen Houser Littlejohn to Robert Leroy Blankenship and Laura Jane Wolfe Blankenship for Big Cove Community Parcel No. 647, containing 183.544 acres, more or less. (Undivided Interest)

Scott John Galanick to William Lawson Smith for 3200 Acre Tract Community Parcel No. 57-B (Part of Parcel No. 57), containing 23.944 acres, more or less.